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Grammy-nominated guitarist Vinny Valentino developed the 7 minute guitar workout for guitarists of all styles and levels. “I needed something that students could do to maintain their chops on days that they could not find time to practice.” I wanted something for all styles that would benefit every guitarist. The exercises I came up with allow the player to combine musicality and calisthenics to develop right and left-hand coordination while continuing to develop as a player. All exercises aid in the development of the right and left hand whether you play classical, jazz, rock, pop or country or any fusion of these styles.

About Vinny Valentino – Guitarist Composer Vinny Valentino’s first international debut recording, The Distance Between Two Lines, shot straight up the jazz charts to #2 and stayed on the national charts for more than 14 weeks. Paul Anthony of Jazz Unlimited called it “one of the top five albums of 1993.” George Benson refers to Vinny as a “young genius with brilliant tone and fresh ideas.” Vintage Guitar Magazine writes “wonderful jazz player with killer chops, wonderful compositional skills…”(March 1997). “Valentino doesn’t hide behind reconstituted Wes Montgomery licks like so many guitarists these days. and continues to delight audiences worldwide recently completing an Asia tour with Steve Smith – the drummer with Journey. Vinny’s talents blend elements of blues and jazz and he is known throughout the world as a master guitar player, always expanding on the wonderful tones of his magical mix of pure sound and instrument flavors.

A significant part of Vinny’s innovation is his new Play Along Tunes website ( where aspiring musicians can download various tracks minus the instrument they play. These recordings will offer fans and students alike the chance to play along with many genres of music from their favorite musicians.

Whether you use a pick or your fingers, classical, rock or jazz techniques, the 7 minute guitar workout will increase dexterity while giving you a seamless, doable daily routine.